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Just lowered prices on items in my Etsy Store due to the fact that I will be putting new items on at the end of the week and need to make room for more, so must sell these old ones!!!!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/JohannaFalzone

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So I have finished all four Plath paintings. I will say I am overly ambitiously considering adding more paintings to this collection… Anyway, the first painting “Sylvia Plath Smith College Year Book Picture” was a rare find as I stated earlier, and how I found this image was through ta-da, Ebay. Someone was selling a Smith College Yearbook and Plath’s picture was obviously the reason for selling it, me and my amazing print-screen button was able to copy the picture and store it for my forever viewing pleasure and art purposes. This remains my absolute favorite photo of Plath, she never looked so bright and cheery. The other three photos are studio portraits copied from the book “The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath” of which I have been reading all summer except “Sylvia Plath Clear Studio Portrait” that image came from The Google. The Trio of Plath paintings I decided to paint from Clear to Blurry to show Plath’s mental state transitioning from clear to jumbled, happy to sad, etc etc etc. So I hope you enjoy the paintings, this is last paintings until I get back the institution, so there may be more of these in the coming weeks, there may not be, who knows…

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All summer I have been reading the very LARGE Sylvia Plath Unabridged Journals, and the book inspired me to paint studio portraits of Plath. This series features only four painted portraits. Here I have posted the first largest and main portrait of Plath, this image was a rare find, but I will give out more details when all the portraits are finished. At first when I approached this the idea was to paint her abstractly and slightly blurry, but I found myself painting more in tune with the photo. The smaller three paintings were drawn out less exact to Plath, so once I start painting I will decide if the the trio will be blurred or will go more towards a realistic side although I hope they will not, I really want to represent the mental hardship that Plath endured during her life in those portraits.

Enjoy the painting and btw, I have mentioned before my lack of patience for painting, I took a 20 minute break to eat lunch and go to the bathroom during the process of this painting. I stood in front of this piece for about five hours or more pretty much all daylight long. Hopefully I can get two of the smaller paintings done in the same amount of time. I don’t like having projects sitting around, I like getting them done, so I don’t have to procrastinate starting and finishing, I like to see the finished product quickly and I like to do my “me time” as in Johanna just wants to read a book, watch TV, work out, and play on the computer time whilst yelling at Pandora and writing angry political rants and deleting them. Sometimes I’ll write poetry, but its been a slow summer for poetry, maybe this has to do with me being a tiny bit happier, but thats okay because when something finally comes out of my brain its pretty harsh words (maybe the review will publish one this year, or maybe I am STILL ¬†too controversial) yes Im very bitter over this, another reason why I love Plath no one ever wanted to publish her.

Now that I have made you read my crap, here is my visual crap, not crap, but its just a Chicago word, blame my family…

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