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That title has no meaning whatsoever to what I am typing about.

Anyway I think I have broken some kind of record, I have been sick since December 6th it is now December 29th and my throat, ears, and cloggy voice have refused to leave thy body. I would be worried, but I’m more annoyed than anything and quite amused by the length of this sickliness. The camp was slightly disturbed by the recent discovery that my thyroid was low, yes that stupid little gland decided to use me being sick as a way to slowly creep up and make me feel 10 times worse and blame my cold or whatever it is I have on the depressing gloom that covered myself. Getting the medication changed was hell, I upset the endocrinologist because my primary fixed the problem first, caused more issues and I basically got my way in the end. In other news, I’m back on track, its okay, don’t worry this is not a gravy train anymore, we have some synthetic hormones being produced.

Other than that little pee-spot on the carpet, my Mom, Kate and myself jaunted off into the wonderful halls of The Ringling Museum of which my day was made by seeing the gigantic paintings of Marie Antoinette’s parents (King and Queen of Austria) and the pastel reference drawing of Marie Antoinette by the lovely famous loyal painter Élisabeth-Louise Vigée Le Brun. Also, we saw the temporary exhibit of Paolo Veronese’s work which was amazing and laughable at the same time, sorry men in tights with glazed one shade of black oil paint, but I can always find humor in glazed paintings (it’s a really painterly nerd thing). Also laughing at the painted over collie in an early painting by Duchamp was great! We failed one thing in our mission and that was to find a particular painting of which was not on display, we figure the Ringling people are hiding it in a secret vault in the upstairs storage and restoration rooms. Such hoarders.

Anyway, other news I think I’ve become slightly domesticated, which I’m not sure if that’s a good thing in a domestic partnership/marriage both whatever, but it’s good for a single chick like me because it means I am literate at making myself healthy yummy food (and unhealthy, like shortbread cookies).

Those free paintings I had were given as Christmas presents to my cousins, they in return gave me 50lbs of art history books!

Also I am working on a project called 100 Cyclops’, they are drawn on 3″x3.5″ bristol paper. Cute little tiny creatures, and yes they will be for sale once all 100 are finished scanned/photographed. So far there are 32 complete, I’ve been slacking this week due to Christmas, sleeping, eating, shopping, and museuming. I will be drawing more today, time to kick my butt into action, also I have been slacking on reading Mansfield Park, but eh, that happens.

I must type about this, I have slowly been going back to the gym, it’s been awful being sick and trying to go back because apparently physical exhaustion and illnesses do not go together and I am always trying to make them go together its like two mismatched puzzle pieces, one is a small hole and the other is a big circle and they just do not fit no matter how much you force them. But in conjunction with all of this I seriously think the old people I take classes with are slacking. Cardio Dance Thursday night had one old person, myself and my Mother, it must be Christmas that has forced the old people into thinking “I just need to eat bad food and watch my grandchildren play with their toys”, no I’m only kidding, but there is some partial truth in that. Anyway these oldies need to get back here, Cardio Dance is boring without them, I enjoy watching them do their cute old people moves and talk/complain about having to work hard, and listen to their jokes. Seriously they make working out worthwhile.

Also I think I have been reading waaaaayyyy too much xojane, because I’m starting to blog like them when I should just be talking about my art on here. It’s just one big “this is my life right now and I want you to read about it”.

Other than all of the above mentioned events of my break there have been many other things, but there’s no room to discuss everything that goes on in my life, heck even Morrissey bought, sold and re-bought his own Los Angeles home so he could change his name on the deed that states who owns the house, basically he re-bought it with an alias so the paparazzi would stop stalking him or something, that’s at least the rumor. So moral to this Morrissey story, there are some things people just should not know and are meant to be private.

I leave you with this video…

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These events left a profound impact on me in my childhood as I witnessed them on television and how they affected the people around me and myself, and shaped me into the person I am today.

I couldn’t find the exact clip I saw on TV, but you get the idea.

I was captivated by this performance, still am.

This news changed me more than anything in my life. At the time I didn’t know that it was going to affect me the way it did, but I guess you could say this was the person I would soon find myself having a large amount of empathy for. It was not just about the sadness I felt while watching this as a child, but the fact that it was going to become more relevant to me than I could have ever imagined as a three year old.

(The discovery of Weezer and their video for Buddy Holly was actually from the installation disk from Windows 95 to promote the new video for the band in 1994 when we got our first computer, I loved watching Happy Day’s and my parents rushed me over to the new computer to watch this video.)

Courtney, yes. What more can I say.

I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani’s bindi’s and also the black patent leather shoes and fishnets she wore at the 1997 Billboard Awards.

My parents forced me to watch many movies with them that gave me many fears, Psycho scared me so much I took baths until the second grade when I realized taking showers was a big kid thing and if I wanted to be cool I had to brave it out and take a shower. I seriously thought someone was going to come in and stab me.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the awful visual images that I always remember because of this film. This scene is the one that scared the little toddler butt off of mine!

Out of every scary movie my parents had me watch this one was by far the most horrible. I had nightmares every year after seeing this film in December, I would wake up in a panic and I would scream for my mom and run to her room. Finally sometime in the 4th grade I had a dream where Chucky and I made a truce and became friends and never had another nightmare about him again.

I was a huge Spice Girls fan as a kid (still am) my Mom video taped this for me when it was aired on TV.

This is also not an exact video of what I saw on TV, but there were many news casts about Geri leaving the Spice Girls. I always said she would rejoin them, and I was right.

I remember everyone including myself being sad when this news came about. I felt so bad for her sons that I drew them a picture and wrote them a sympathy letter and asked my mom to send it to them.

I watched this whole scandal unfold everyday on TV before and after school. Kind of hard to forget. But I still think Clinton was a fantastic president despite his personal mistakes.

I could go on forever with videos, but you can see how pop-culture has influenced me and why my art revolves around it.

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So as I was watching this video Kat’s boyfriend Adrian recently put together which is a compilation of images of Kat over the years to Katastrophy Wife’s song Heart On I had a spark of inspiration. Looking at the awesome older pictures of Kat during her Babe’s years has solidified the fact that I want to do alter-ego paintings in 2013 of myself as my alter ego’s. I am excited for some dress up time, just like when I was a kid!!!!

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