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Here is my final sculpture piece, “Diet Chronicles of Hypothyroidism”. This sculpture’s small book centers around the daunting repetitive reminder of getting fat and trying to stay skinny while dealing with Hypothyroidism. The book sits is a nest like the actual pituitary glad sits among the interior of the head. The big book is altered from an anatomy book, the next is stitched out of the Endocrine chapter, and also represents women’s fertility and how its a crucial part of being treated for hypothyroidism and how we have higher risks of miscarriages, the book also features three vaginas, on the front and back where the pages meet in the center great vagina’s while the nest on top is also a vagina. The book is painted with watercolor, acrylic, and iridescent watercolor medium, and is sewn together with various colors of embroidery thread. The small book is made with wood, book cloth, Moleskine, 90lb drawing paper, candy wrappers, and a cereal box.

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