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The 5th Self-Portrait is finished and the 6th one has just started. Also I bought 2 8×10 oval canvases to paint the mirroring Marie Antoinette/Self-Portrait images, as a side note these two 8×10’s will not be in the portfolio show. Currently I have been brainstorming by next collection of paintings, I have had some ideas that I really like, but feel its they are not paintings I would like to work on now, and now as in for the next portfolio show in 2013. But I did come up with an idea that I really really love and believe it could be something I could really put a lot of myself (literal or not) into. Although whats getting me down about this great new idea is that its 12 large sized paintings and the chance that I will be able to show all of them is slim.

This past week my roommate, Tristan, and myself went on the art walk and saw some cool some, some so cheesy stuff (Casa Monica), and the best of all Sara Pedigo and Liz Robbins Transliteration show! I wish the St.Augustine area could compete with everything that shows at the Crisp-Ellert but it can’t, too many “old” people painting trees, birds, and seascapes.

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