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Enjoy this photo I don’t think I ever posted from my trip to Seattle last year.

So for the past couple weeks I have been trying to finish my 2011/2012 art journal, so I can get ready to start the 2012/2013 one. It’s really fun putting these together every year, but rarely do I ever show them to people, so I have posted some poor quality photos of the most recent journal. This past Tuesday during one of the final days of Tropical Storm Debby I managed to get this years new journal and a haircut. I also ordered new stickers for the cover that will accompany my newly re-discovered Obama Celebration of the 2008 election win sticker buried beneath piles of collected magazine scraps. Once I finish the current journal and receive the new stickers in the mail I will reveal the cover of the new 2012/2013 art journal.

One day when I have power and money like a dirty politician I would like to publish these because by then all of the magazine clipped photos/stickers/ads etc. will not prevent me with their copyright laws; although I think because they are altered and scrapped I am covered under the Creative Commons, but I am not entirely sure and do not want to be sued therefore being filthy rich will help settle disputes out of court.

EDIT: Forgot to tell everyone I have an official Facebook page now! And my website I have been promising for like a year now is finished and I will be purchasing a domain, will post the link soon!!! 😀

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