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Today Catapult Art Magazine Issue #26 is out and I have two paintings published in the magazine! Go check it out! They do an awesome job and am thrilled about being featured! Big thanks to them. This month has been crazy, I also want to thank Words Dance, in my post before this one I talked about that publication. Also I have been chosen as a Runner Up Student/Post-Graduate Artist for Creative Quarterly The Journal of Art and Design Issue #33, my work will be featured on their website gallery. I will have a link for that as soon as they release the work online.


Also, this month I have work at the Richmond Art Gallery, Los Medanos College Art Gallery, and the Tampa Museum of Art this month. It’s an exciting time and I cannot wait to see what happens next! I will be present at the 5 By 5 show at Tampa Museum of Art which is October 18th, starting at 5pm, tickets are $10.50, all work is for sale $25 per work, I will have two paintings on display. All proceeds go towards the Arts Council of Hillsborough County Artist Programs.

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Here I have four new as I call them Portraits on Portraits, 3 of these will be in two different shows, I will have more information as it closer to the shows. Also you can find these on my website under “Drawings”, I consider them drawing with thread, thats basically what embroidery is. 🙂 Anyway enjoy, I’m currently working on finishing up the “Recovery Room” painting of myself as Margot Tenenbaum (again) today, just putting in the background details.


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Just watched the second to last episode of Project Runway and I am posting it here because its soooo relevent. I have always loved Melissa’s clothing and could always relate to her as a person and this episode topped the cake. Melissa felt good about her collection until she saw all of the other designer’s collections and that is what happens to me during critique days. Its horrible, but at least I know that this is normal because I have seen Melissa go through the same emotions. We as artists, designers whatever need to stay true to ourselves or we can turn our work into crap because of our own self-doubt, thank you Tim Gunn for all your advice every episode I have watched of Project Runway for the past ten years!


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