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Recovery Room (Self-Portrait as Margot Tenenbaum) painting is finished, also there was an article written up about my work on Dashburst!

Here is the link to the article, http://dashburst.com/pic/self-portraits-kurt-cobain-courtney-love/

I will be planning out my next character painting, it’s going to be on a smaller canvas, so I’m having trouble picking in my mind, so I’m going to look through my reference photos, not sure why I try to mentally figure things out when I can just go through all my files and make decisions.

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Here I have four new as I call them Portraits on Portraits, 3 of these will be in two different shows, I will have more information as it closer to the shows. Also you can find these on my website under “Drawings”, I consider them drawing with thread, thats basically what embroidery is. 🙂 Anyway enjoy, I’m currently working on finishing up the “Recovery Room” painting of myself as Margot Tenenbaum (again) today, just putting in the background details.


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