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Top left: Penny I found on Sunday, Bottom Left: Penny I found on Monday, Top Right: Penny I found on Graduation Day

I decided to talk about this, I guess phenomenon? is that a good word for this? that has been prevalent in my life since this past April. At the end of my senior year as an Art Student I was going through many emotions, I was confused and had a lot of things to figure out concerning my future and what my next steps in the art world would be. I feel like most artists don’t really talk about these transitional points which I will be honest are absolutely dreadful at times.

My last semester I decided that I want to attend Graduate School. Getting my MFA is the next step in taking my art to the next level and I’m ready for that challenge. Due to this, I chose to take a year off, live and work in my favorite city and just focus on applications, submissions to galleries, and saving money.

Anyway the final three weeks of school I was basically worried about my future and having to go back to my hometown and make a plan to move back to St.Augustine and get a job/s. I also had other personal obligations needing to be addressed and felt stressed out, while at the same time so extremely happy about getting my BFA and having my final Portfolio show.

Feeling overwhelmed I just wanted a sign that the direction and decisions I was making were the right ones. That’s when I started finding pennies heads up on the ground. For the last weeks at college I found a total of six pennies heads up, which to me is abnormal to keep finding pennies heads up, that just doesn’t happen. I took it as a sign that I was going in the right direction with my life and felt contented about my decisions. I wasn’t worried about outcomes because I knew and still know that life would fall into place and take care of itself, I believe there is a very good plan for me that I am not aware of, but have just started the journey for.

After I had been home for over a month I felt unfulfilled. I wanted to hang out with friends, but traveling solo is not an option at the moment unless it was for an interview. So to get back into the spirit of art I started watching David Keeps “The Scenic Route”, The Art of Russia, and other Art related programs on OvationTV, it gave me the push to get off my butt to start my new collection of Female Protagonists in Film paintings.

This past Memorial Weekend, my parents and I drove up to St.Augustine to visit my brother and so I could see my friends, basically have a breath of fresh air after being suffocated for a long while. On this trip I was reminded how much I need to be in the city because of its sense of community. I applied for jobs in Jax a couple of weeks prior to try to solidify something and no word. So all this was weighing on my shoulders along with a possible trip to California. In the midst of all this it happened again, Sunday I found a penny heads up on the ground with the year 1973, which was hilarious because my Dad kept joking I was the class of 73′, but that’s actually his college graduation year. Then, Monday I found another penny heads up outside of the Hyppo Cafe, go figure this only happens in St.Augustine, but I take it as a reminder that things will work out. With this trip to California hanging over my head, I’m pretty sure I’m just going to Carpe Diem and go to a place I’ve waited my whole life to go to, who knows, this may be my home for the next couple of years…

In other news I have been working on a 8 pack of cyclops notecards which will feature original drawings by me and will be sold in my etsy store along with 3 folio journals I am making. One journal is watercolor paper and the other two are bristol. I have three fabric choices so far for the covers and Im excited to use them up!

Also I was notified last night that my submission to this awesome painting blog, Vivianite was published! Here are to links to my painting on the blog, http://www.vivianite.net/    http://www.vivianite.net/post/51620199783/johanna-falzone

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