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So I have more new work that I have completed for an upcoming show. I’ve embedded pictures from my Instagram. The show is going to be at the Plum Art Gallery in St.Augustine, FL and the opening reception is September 5th, 5pm-9pm.

Also, I will be smoothing into a new collection of paintings that will be heavily reliant on the theme of textiles, patterns, and fashion. It will be Pop-Culture/Familial influenced with a homage of colors and prints from the 60’s and 70’s. I also have other ideas for paintings that are for a whole other collection, but it’s very far fetched. One of my dreams is to be able to paint my favorite musicians and not from other people’s photography, I would like to do my own photo shoots etc. but this seems a little out there because I don’t know any successful musicians personally. I often think if I approached someone of high musical caliber they might think I am some creep, no I am not, I’m a weird nerdy artist, but you cannot be an artist without being weird and nerdy.

Website has also been updated, go have a look at the new works. www.johannafalzone.com

Remember I also have work up for sale on my Etsy store and some other items too, www.etsy.com/shop/johannafalzone

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So with this piece I am putting together I am using sheet music and cutting them out like snowflakes, but not normal child-like snowflakes, very detailed and particular snowflakes. I am currently trying to piece them together and trying to decide which way this will be the most effective and in a way that’s possible to put together. I have an idea of making some bowls as hanging fixtures with either flowers or fake candles I don’t know because after taking these photos I am really loving the last way I connected the flakes and they look so delicate and pretty and detailed, but I’m not sure how I would PVA these together, obviously one at a time, but I also need a way to display this and I would to either see it on a wall maybe hung by fishing wire? Or as a table runner and make a complimentary bowl, either way its a representation of history and feminine dining rooms. I remember my grandma put doilies everywhere and making this takes me back to being at her house looking at all of her make-up and perfume on her dresser sitting atop these delicate white detailed doilies.

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