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I have four new paintings up on my website, they are comparison paintings of myself with Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, and Courtney Love. These paintings go alongside the ones with Debbie Harry and Gwen Stefani. There will be 5 more added next week that I am currently working on.


Also, I have completed a 3.5 year long video art piece that recalls my memory of Kurt Cobain’s death. It’s a long story, but here is the video. If you go onto my vimeo page there is an explanation of the video, which I high recommend reading because it really gives you some insight into what this means to me and what all of the imagery represents.


Finally, I have been updating Underexposed, my blog for emerging artists every couple of weeks. Yesterday I posted about Kurt Cobain as a Visual Artist. It’s great, I’m really proud of it, so check it out!!!


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Today Catapult Art Magazine Issue #26 is out and I have two paintings published in the magazine! Go check it out! They do an awesome job and am thrilled about being featured! Big thanks to them. This month has been crazy, I also want to thank Words Dance, in my post before this one I talked about that publication. Also I have been chosen as a Runner Up Student/Post-Graduate Artist for Creative Quarterly The Journal of Art and Design Issue #33, my work will be featured on their website gallery. I will have a link for that as soon as they release the work online.


Also, this month I have work at the Richmond Art Gallery, Los Medanos College Art Gallery, and the Tampa Museum of Art this month. It’s an exciting time and I cannot wait to see what happens next! I will be present at the 5 By 5 show at Tampa Museum of Art which is October 18th, starting at 5pm, tickets are $10.50, all work is for sale $25 per work, I will have two paintings on display. All proceeds go towards the Arts Council of Hillsborough County Artist Programs.

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Recovery Room (Self-Portrait as Margot Tenenbaum) painting is finished, also there was an article written up about my work on Dashburst!

Here is the link to the article, http://dashburst.com/pic/self-portraits-kurt-cobain-courtney-love/

I will be planning out my next character painting, it’s going to be on a smaller canvas, so I’m having trouble picking in my mind, so I’m going to look through my reference photos, not sure why I try to mentally figure things out when I can just go through all my files and make decisions.

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I will have a HQ photos of the paintings installed later this week. I will be taking a pictures before the show to have a nice clean photo without the blue tape on the walls. 🙂

Also my friend Brianna mentioned how you could see my paintings from the window at night, so I went and snapped a photo of what that looks like!

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So another batch of Marie Antoinette Drawings, I only have 10 left to draw. It’s so weird, that when Im done I think its about 48 drawings I will have of her, and then I am going to separate 5×7’s by 8×10’s to plan out how many frames of which sizes I will need to buy. Yes, they are all being framed, I will not leave any one of them out of this journey!

Also I have finished painting my rubber mould head that I made out of clay etc. etc. you will see in the slideshow!

btw, Went to the “Cummer” today. I just jizz in my pants when I see those glazed paintings.

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So I finished reading and looking at the book Pop-Surrealism of which I have been waiting forever to spend some quality time with. All three essays within the book are fantastic and describe this movement exactly, and its unfortunate that work like this cannot be seen in the big galleries, although that makes this work more special, yet it cheats these artists out of the recognition they deserve.

Pictures below are of my favorite works in the book.

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Anyway so far in art related events that I have attended this year are in order Harrell Fletcher’s Before and After 1565 of which I felt was interesting. The only point I will make about this exhibit is the fact that the artists are the Native tribes of St.Augustine, not Fletcher, many people think that this is an art form taking others art and researching and presenting, no it’s called curating a show and or being a historian of other artists that cannot represent themselves any longer because they are no longer here. As many of you do not know there were once 500 Nations of Tribes in North and South America that were killed off because of the Europeans. Go rent the Documentary its fantastic. My point to all of this is that the “artifacts” presented in the show were the work of these tribes, this is the art of their culture whether it be the Black Drink or and actual drawing, Fletcher is their representative and nothing more, but does deserve the respect for preserving and presenting their history to us.

Other events I have attended was the opening of Laura Mongiovi’s show at the Plum Gallery in downtown St.Augustine. I was unable to attend the lecture, but I was there before when the show opened at art walk and got to speak with her about her art and other things because obviously I know her in real life and we started talking about classes and personal growth etc etc. But I love how her work is very sensual and womanly, I see vagina’s everywhere and it makes me happy.

Last night I attended the lecture on Botticelli of course because I love his work especially the Birth of Venus! David Gariff was the speaker and I felt sorry for him, the projector slides were messing up the whole time, the old ugly ancient wrinkly women were restless and rude making vile comments the whole time egging me on to turn around and give them dirty looks although I kept my composure, and all over it was boring. I wanted to fall asleep, I was excepting a Simon Schama style presentation kind of like this (although Im not sure if this is Schama speaking it’s not part of the Power of Art Series).

Lets face it, I like being entertained and intrigued by lectures, but all I wanted to do was fall asleep which almost happened, but I prevented myself from becoming a 90-year-old woman who sleeps every 5 minutes like the Queen of England during Prince William’s wedding looking so rude in her easter egg colored skirt-suit and top-hat.

Maybe under different circumstances the lecture would have been more successful.

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Here are some process photos of the Marie Antoinette Chapbook I am making. The book will feature poems I wrote in the perspective of Marie Antoinette and follows her life as Dauphine/Queen of France in chronological order. Each card has an image that corresponds with the poem in some way either literal or suggestion.

P.S. I have ran out of space on my blog to post images, so some things like the art archive are probably going to be deleted, and I may not be posting images for awhile because I need to some how magically find $20 to upgrade my space. I thought once I got money I would be buying my website domain, but I guess once again its going to go on the back burner. If I magically get paid by the institution that is Flagler College and my money is not stollen by their Card Company then I might be able to buy the space or I will have to beg my Dad for cash, because my Mom currently is broke, yes Im going to tell all of you about my financial woes because this is how life as an artist is. Not only do I have to decide on what “Internet GB’s” I’m going to buy, I have to decide if its worth filling my gas tank up, buying food etc. of which gas and food was more important than getting more digital space on the blog.

I will say I have been using this blog for almost 5 years and its lasted a pretty long time Gig-Wise, So I guess it deserves an upgrade.

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