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So I have finished all four Plath paintings. I will say I am overly ambitiously considering adding more paintings to this collection… Anyway, the first painting “Sylvia Plath Smith College Year Book Picture” was a rare find as I stated earlier, and how I found this image was through ta-da, Ebay. Someone was selling a Smith College Yearbook and Plath’s picture was obviously the reason for selling it, me and my amazing print-screen button was able to copy the picture and store it for my forever viewing pleasure and art purposes. This remains my absolute favorite photo of Plath, she never looked so bright and cheery. The other three photos are studio portraits copied from the book “The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath” of which I have been reading all summer except “Sylvia Plath Clear Studio Portrait” that image came from The Google. The Trio of Plath paintings I decided to paint from Clear to Blurry to show Plath’s mental state transitioning from clear to jumbled, happy to sad, etc etc etc. So I hope you enjoy the paintings, this is last paintings until I get back the institution, so there may be more of these in the coming weeks, there may not be, who knows…

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