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So I have finished creating all 100 cyclops’ and the process of scanning them into the computer will now start. I will be turning this into what I call a mini-book because its going to be pocket-sized. My projected goal is to have a first edition of 100 books and a second edition of 200 books, which ever works better because I want to submit these to be sold in a really awesome book store I found in New York, its badass and their logo is pink.

Anyway I finished putting together my new and first real easel with my Dad this week and my projector also came, so it will be put to the test tonight with the first painting of this new collection I am working on. I don’t want to say anything about the work just yet, but I can tell you the theme of which is Female Protagonists in Film that I relate to. It’s really awesome and I have 10 paintings, two of which are the same person, but one is going to a be a smaller study, and these canvases are all square so far, I’m feeling the square lately after doing the Hear, Speak, and See No Evil paintings.

Anyway, we will see how far I get this summer in progression its a weird time, I’m supposed to be driving (ugh) up to Chicago in July????? and then recently my Dad brought home two travel books on Southern California (I’ve begged to go since I could speak, but he never wanted to, I’m very confused, but thats cool), but also there is this possibility of getting a full-time/part-time job and moving, so really traveling only happens if I am completely content somewhere and have the time. So as far as I know, I’m painting and possibly doing interviews and a lot of driving.

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