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So this shows albums released the year I was born that I love.


R.E.M., Out of Time

Nirvana, Nevermind

Hole, Pretty on the Inside

Pearl Jam, Ten

Morrissey, Kill Uncle

Babes In Toyland, To Mother

Trompe le Monde, Pixies

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Carnival Art, Thrumdrone

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Maybe its me waiting to take my meds at midnight or I’m just having a Nirvana night, but I’m posting some interviews for my own pure enjoyment of watching them, and now you’ll know where I got my philosophy of walking up escalators which also spans to people movers at the airport.

Note to the Jerks last year: When I play Nirvana in the painting studio doesn’t give you the right to yell “Nirvana Sucks!” TWICE from your little Graphic Design Photography Hipster Labs down the hall. Next time I won’t be so nice about it…

Kurt actually stopped wearing his fake glasses because his Mom I think it was told him he looked like his Dad, read Heavier Than Heaven and you will understand why he disliked that.

What they say about Aberdeen is true.

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