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Here are some process photos of the Marie Antoinette Chapbook I am making. The book will feature poems I wrote in the perspective of Marie Antoinette and follows her life as Dauphine/Queen of France in chronological order. Each card has an image that corresponds with the poem in some way either literal or suggestion.

P.S. I have ran out of space on my blog to post images, so some things like the art archive are probably going to be deleted, and I may not be posting images for awhile because I need to some how magically find $20 to upgrade my space. I thought once I got money I would be buying my website domain, but I guess once again its going to go on the back burner. If I magically get paid by the institution that is Flagler College and my money is not stollen by their Card Company then I might be able to buy the space or I will have to beg my Dad for cash, because my Mom currently is broke, yes Im going to tell all of you about my financial woes because this is how life as an artist is. Not only do I have to decide on what “Internet GB’s” I’m going to buy, I have to decide if its worth filling my gas tank up, buying food etc. of which gas and food was more important than getting more digital space on the blog.

I will say I have been using this blog for almost 5 years and its lasted a pretty long time Gig-Wise, So I guess it deserves an upgrade.

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