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Last night I went to the Klimt lecture also given by David Gariff, finally they fixed the projector and all went smoothly. I felt the lecture was much better in terms of content, I remained more interested, but maybe it’s because of Klimt’s golf leaf and pretty ladies.

Anyway I want to bring this upcoming show to everyone’s attention because none, well maybe some of you from Italy will get to see this, but us American’s without swiss bank accounts can only enjoy the pictures and explanation given over the internet; but yes Tim Biskup is having a show in Milan, Italy entitled: Excavation. http://timbiskup.com/excavation-opens-in-milan/ http://www.colomboarte.com/index.php?id=5&no_cache=1&menubasso[action]=incorso&menubasso[level]=mostre_3&menubasso[subactionanno]=2012&mostra[subaction]=comunicato&mostra[uid]=101&lang=en

Reading that DeKooning Inspired these works for Tim is evident, but it is also evident who yet again is still my favorite and remains on the pedestal of awesome.

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Tristan posted this on my Facebook, thought I would share it! 🙂

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