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Here are the last three paintings to the Doll Paintings I started months ago. Took me forever because I will admit my motivation is at a zero for painting right now, Im in a reading and writing kind of mood lately and video editing, so all my other art is taking forever to do because Im kind of pooped out. Anyway here are the paintings and some other photos.

Also I forgot that I posted a new video on my vimeo called “The Three Stages of Grief” starring my some of my best guy friends ever, Reed, Jacob, John and Roberto! Thanks Guys!!!! 🙂 Click Here To See All My Videos.

Enjoy all the new art!!!!!!

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My new short film “Marry The Surgeon” is now on my vimeo, took me forever to decide where this would go and how the audio was going to be, but I finally made the decisions on what to do and executed them!

This film is a spoof on Courtney Love apologizing to Madonna after the 1995 MTV VMA interview with Kurt Loder.

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New completely edited video on my Vimeo called Stingray, it shows filleting and dissecting of a stingray. There are also two other videos I uploaded, one is Curtis’s Test Shoot and the other is of my dog licking yogurt out of the cup.

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