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I finally finished my book “Marie Antoinette Poems”, took forever, although really two weeks is not forever, but it required A LOT of hours to complete. The cards were a nightmare, originally there was not going to be vellum on the back, I was going to hand write the poems, but it proved disastrous on the first card, so I had to go into “make it work mode” and figured painting the backs all gold and printing out the poems in vellum and cutting them out and gluing them onto the gold backs would work, and it did THANK GOD! Anyway I have counted how many times I have cut this fancy little shape of a french rococo frame, 17 times, and that’s counting the two templates.

Each poem was written by me in the point of view of Marie Antoinette of which follows her life, struggles and triumphs in chronological order.

I also made a cute little matching pouch to hold the book, its adorable and cute and I wish it was a real clutch out of fabric so I could use it for everyday items!

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