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So I have more new work that I have completed for an upcoming show. I’ve embedded pictures from my Instagram. The show is going to be at the Plum Art Gallery in St.Augustine, FL and the opening reception is September 5th, 5pm-9pm.

Also, I will be smoothing into a new collection of paintings that will be heavily reliant on the theme of textiles, patterns, and fashion. It will be Pop-Culture/Familial influenced with a homage of colors and prints from the 60’s and 70’s. I also have other ideas for paintings that are for a whole other collection, but it’s very far fetched. One of my dreams is to be able to paint my favorite musicians and not from other people’s photography, I would like to do my own photo shoots etc. but this seems a little out there because I don’t know any successful musicians personally. I often think if I approached someone of high musical caliber they might think I am some creep, no I am not, I’m a weird nerdy artist, but you cannot be an artist without being weird and nerdy.

Website has also been updated, go have a look at the new works. www.johannafalzone.com

Remember I also have work up for sale on my Etsy store and some other items too, www.etsy.com/shop/johannafalzone

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Today Catapult Art Magazine Issue #26 is out and I have two paintings published in the magazine! Go check it out! They do an awesome job and am thrilled about being featured! Big thanks to them. This month has been crazy, I also want to thank Words Dance, in my post before this one I talked about that publication. Also I have been chosen as a Runner Up Student/Post-Graduate Artist for Creative Quarterly The Journal of Art and Design Issue #33, my work will be featured on their website gallery. I will have a link for that as soon as they release the work online.


Also, this month I have work at the Richmond Art Gallery, Los Medanos College Art Gallery, and the Tampa Museum of Art this month. It’s an exciting time and I cannot wait to see what happens next! I will be present at the 5 By 5 show at Tampa Museum of Art which is October 18th, starting at 5pm, tickets are $10.50, all work is for sale $25 per work, I will have two paintings on display. All proceeds go towards the Arts Council of Hillsborough County Artist Programs.

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So I have below a slideshow from the BFA show and HQ images of my paintings from the collection, “In The Garden of Life and Death”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also I am now registered on Nurture Art’s Registry for Artists and Curators which is an artist space and collective based out of Brooklyn, NY. I recommend this to any artist out there, its like submitting to a gallery only a registry of artists. Nurture Art uses this registry to pick artists for exhibitions in their gallery space.

This is a link to my profile, http://nurtureart.org/registry/index.php?option=com_nurturedetails&tab=portfolios&friend=1840&details=3057&art=20418&order=1#1

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I will have a HQ photos of the paintings installed later this week. I will be taking a pictures before the show to have a nice clean photo without the blue tape on the walls. 🙂

Also my friend Brianna mentioned how you could see my paintings from the window at night, so I went and snapped a photo of what that looks like!

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I can’t believe I did not post about this over the summer, I think it was the fact that I was so excited about Courtney’s art being exhibited or sad that I would not be in New York to see her show and give her a bear hug at the opening. So anyway, Courtney showed her work “And She’s Not Even Pretty” at the Fred Torres Gallery in NYC this past summer and it was pretty much about herself, relationships, and as she says “girl crushes” etc. Courtney was also explicit that this was a Non-Kurt themed show, so going and excepting to see something with Kurt was not going to happen and I understand that completely, but I do see a lot of influences from their relationship in the work even if it’s not stated or really obvious, it does not have to be.

So here is a video of her talking about her work and also working on her art at the same time, a link to the gallery, some articles, and other videos of her work and awkward interview stuff.

Fred Torres Collaborations: Courtney Love

Spin Review / LA Times Review / Artnet Review / Vogue Review  / Oyster Magazine Review / Art Forum

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