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Just lowered prices on items in my Etsy Store due to the fact that I will be putting new items on at the end of the week and need to make room for more, so must sell these old ones!!!!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/JohannaFalzone

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My artist statement for the Marie Antoinette paintings and a picture of the paintings all put together at the show!!!!

The collection of paintings “My Name is: Maria Antoine Josepha Johanna” entails more than the beauty of the famed Marie Antoinette, but a humanized approach to relate her life to my own. Royalty, Public Figures, and Celebrities are commonly placed on a pedestal, dehumanizing them. These people feel emotions, make good and bad decisions; bad things happen to them just like they do to everyone. Using this stigma I inserted my own personal connection with Marie Antoinette in order to humanize her. The collection’s purpose is to give Marie Antoinette a voice, through the process I have also found my own. The painted self-portraits evolved from a series of illustrated drawings depicting Marie Antoinette. From these works I began to take on her persona, manifesting myself as her. My painting’s subjects include sarcastic and sorrowful images and titles about faking happiness, murder, stupidity, sexuality, leisure activities, and sadness. People’s assumptions about Marie Antoinette have created negative stereotypes, many of which I have faced. Through the creation of these narratives I am calling attention to this hurtful behavior.


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I will have a HQ photos of the paintings installed later this week. I will be taking a pictures before the show to have a nice clean photo without the blue tape on the walls. 🙂

Also my friend Brianna mentioned how you could see my paintings from the window at night, so I went and snapped a photo of what that looks like!

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These are the official photos of my paintings.

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So thanks to Hi-Fructose I was introduced to the work of Scott Hove and seriously why the hell did I not know of his work before? I am in complete awe of his Cakeland work, seriously genius and not to mention right up my ally considering all the art I make is Rococo inspired with pastel colors throwing up everywhere. Needless to say I am Facebook friends with Scott now, and dude, collaboration would be awesome! I think looking at his work will help inspire new Marie Antoinette paintings or at least related ones.

Visit his website for more info here—-> Scott Hove

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Today I had critique with Sir Patrick Moser. The critique went well and I was glad we talked about the paintings after the in-class critique because I had knew questions from all of the suggestions made in class. We discussed wallpaper in the background and framing the paintings, during class I was interested in the wallpaper (not completely sold though) and framing seems awesome, but yet a process that is more involved than I have time for. Moser suggested that framing could take away from the contemporary feel of the paintings and that the paintings unframed are strong enough to hold their own especially in the order they are placed on the wall.

We also discussed the paintings subjects, Moser saw a very pop theme with me as the artist being empowered because I can act the parts and manipulate and stage the paintings in the manner I choose to and be successful.  After explaining the idea around the paintings he also understood the narrative I was expressing, before he knew my statement the paintings had power and meaning, and even after I explained them, they still maintained that power with the statement.

We talked about what direction to go in next. After completing these paintings and the drawings that went with them I expressed that I felt I got out all I could and that currently there was nothing new I had in mind to paint for Marie Antoinette. I want to move on to other ideas, but wasn’t sure about them and Moser gave me great advice, that its best to move onto the next idea and build off that to continue making art and satisfaction and sometimes through making new art that is a new theme can lead to more ideas for previous themes, so I am going to take that advice and begin planning my new paintings. I’m so excited about the work I have done, and its at a place where I can leave this collection for now and move onto a new collection and begin to manifest those ideas and use my drive from making the Marie Antoinette’s to complete something new and fresh!

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Here are my two 8×10 paintings and their progression to the final product.

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Also Rene Garcia Jr. badass painter who uses glitter is awesome and everyone should look at his work. I want to perfect this painting with glitter and hopefully I can steal his technique!


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