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After finishing the Miss America Deconstructed paintings, I was pretty much burnt out. I knew where I wanted to go next, but was not sure how to get there. I decided to go back to drawing/illustrating with a focus on people in natural states of sleeping and lounging. Of course I stayed true to my self-portrait nature. I participated in the 5.4 Million and Counting project put together by Chi Nguyen, which is an amazing effort constructing a tallied quilt by women all around the nation to show support for women’s reproductive rights. To see the whole quilt and learn more about it, visit the website, http://5point4million.tumblr.com I also have been returning back to Timmy the Cyclops. Back in June, I included Weezer into the world and had them passed off to the guys by their tour manager at the show I attended. Hopefully those little guys brought some laughs because that’s what the cyclops world traditionally does!

Recently, drawing has been on pause for a special project I have been working on. I am so excited to share it with everyone, but I cannot reveal anything until its finished! But, I can hint that the creation is beyond adorable and hilarious!

This past weekend I hung out in Downtown St.Pete and pretty much ate my way through and photographed. I was looking for new inspiration for the next half of the drawing series I have been working on. I want to incorporate vintage chairs with unique design and textiles to illustrate. Pretty much every antique shop on Central Avenue was visited to find unique chairs for me to photograph, luckily, I got some great shots to work with.

Some who are friends with me or have recently visited my website, may have spotted something new on the Bio page, Los Angeles. Yes, I will be moving out to the Los Angeles area. It’s been a tough process, I’ve been looking at apartments and applying for about five months now. It’s not easy when you are coming from out of state. Hopefully something will come through this month or next, the move has to be made ASAP. So, please keep your fingers crossed for me! This is the perfect time to make this change!

Also, some of you know I am a HUGE Bernie Sanders supporter, still am and I support his decision to back Hillary Clinton. I will be voting for Hillary. We don’t have room for bigotry, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia etc. in this country. I am extremely disgusted by what has come out of the wood work this election year. Now, I knew these people existed, I’m from the South, I’ve lived my life around people who are grossly racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, and just plain ignorant. These people found their puppet and it’s scary. Some of you are probably disgruntled because Sanders did not make it, I’m upset too, but as Bernie said, “No one is more upset than me.” The thing is, do not give up on the political revolution, giving up is being a traitor to what Sanders started. People need to get involved with Government if they want to change it. Voting Third Party in this election is going to increase chances of us having a Hitleresque Dictator for President, so I caution everyone, be careful, keep in mind the severity of this election. While I support Third Party normally, I cannot condone it in this current election. The good thing is, Third Party is going to now be seen as a normal option and the next elections to come, I can guarantee we will see an increased amount of Third Party elected politicians.

Enjoy some images of my recent work below, I’ll post again when the project I am working on is finished! To see all of the work and my process, please follow me on Instagram at doll_legs on Facebook, or my website, www.johannafalzone.com



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Today I had critique with Sir Patrick Moser. The critique went well and I was glad we talked about the paintings after the in-class critique because I had knew questions from all of the suggestions made in class. We discussed wallpaper in the background and framing the paintings, during class I was interested in the wallpaper (not completely sold though) and framing seems awesome, but yet a process that is more involved than I have time for. Moser suggested that framing could take away from the contemporary feel of the paintings and that the paintings unframed are strong enough to hold their own especially in the order they are placed on the wall.

We also discussed the paintings subjects, Moser saw a very pop theme with me as the artist being empowered because I can act the parts and manipulate and stage the paintings in the manner I choose to and be successful.  After explaining the idea around the paintings he also understood the narrative I was expressing, before he knew my statement the paintings had power and meaning, and even after I explained them, they still maintained that power with the statement.

We talked about what direction to go in next. After completing these paintings and the drawings that went with them I expressed that I felt I got out all I could and that currently there was nothing new I had in mind to paint for Marie Antoinette. I want to move on to other ideas, but wasn’t sure about them and Moser gave me great advice, that its best to move onto the next idea and build off that to continue making art and satisfaction and sometimes through making new art that is a new theme can lead to more ideas for previous themes, so I am going to take that advice and begin planning my new paintings. I’m so excited about the work I have done, and its at a place where I can leave this collection for now and move onto a new collection and begin to manifest those ideas and use my drive from making the Marie Antoinette’s to complete something new and fresh!

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This weeks progress. I am going to start paintings the two 8×10’s this weekend and hopefully get some more drawings and observations done in my journal and get some more progress on my family heritage books. I also drew Marie Antoinette’s children to go in these tiny approx. 2×3 frames.

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