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So with this piece I am putting together I am using sheet music and cutting them out like snowflakes, but not normal child-like snowflakes, very detailed and particular snowflakes. I am currently trying to piece them together and trying to decide which way this will be the most effective and in a way that’s possible to put together. I have an idea of making some bowls as hanging fixtures with either flowers or fake candles I don’t know because after taking these photos I am really loving the last way I connected the flakes and they look so delicate and pretty and detailed, but I’m not sure how I would PVA these together, obviously one at a time, but I also need a way to display this and I would to either see it on a wall maybe hung by fishing wire? Or as a table runner and make a complimentary bowl, either way its a representation of history and feminine dining rooms. I remember my grandma put doilies everywhere and making this takes me back to being at her house looking at all of her make-up and perfume on her dresser sitting atop these delicate white detailed doilies.

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