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Today I had critique with Sir Patrick Moser. The critique went well and I was glad we talked about the paintings after the in-class critique because I had knew questions from all of the suggestions made in class. We discussed wallpaper in the background and framing the paintings, during class I was interested in the wallpaper (not completely sold though) and framing seems awesome, but yet a process that is more involved than I have time for. Moser suggested that framing could take away from the contemporary feel of the paintings and that the paintings unframed are strong enough to hold their own especially in the order they are placed on the wall.

We also discussed the paintings subjects, Moser saw a very pop theme with me as the artist being empowered because I can act the parts and manipulate and stage the paintings in the manner I choose to and be successful.  After explaining the idea around the paintings he also understood the narrative I was expressing, before he knew my statement the paintings had power and meaning, and even after I explained them, they still maintained that power with the statement.

We talked about what direction to go in next. After completing these paintings and the drawings that went with them I expressed that I felt I got out all I could and that currently there was nothing new I had in mind to paint for Marie Antoinette. I want to move on to other ideas, but wasn’t sure about them and Moser gave me great advice, that its best to move onto the next idea and build off that to continue making art and satisfaction and sometimes through making new art that is a new theme can lead to more ideas for previous themes, so I am going to take that advice and begin planning my new paintings. I’m so excited about the work I have done, and its at a place where I can leave this collection for now and move onto a new collection and begin to manifest those ideas and use my drive from making the Marie Antoinette’s to complete something new and fresh!

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Just watched the second to last episode of Project Runway and I am posting it here because its soooo relevent. I have always loved Melissa’s clothing and could always relate to her as a person and this episode topped the cake. Melissa felt good about her collection until she saw all of the other designer’s collections and that is what happens to me during critique days. Its horrible, but at least I know that this is normal because I have seen Melissa go through the same emotions. We as artists, designers whatever need to stay true to ourselves or we can turn our work into crap because of our own self-doubt, thank you Tim Gunn for all your advice every episode I have watched of Project Runway for the past ten years!


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