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I can’t believe I did not post about this over the summer, I think it was the fact that I was so excited about Courtney’s art being exhibited or sad that I would not be in New York to see her show and give her a bear hug at the opening. So anyway, Courtney showed her work “And She’s Not Even Pretty” at the Fred Torres Gallery in NYC this past summer and it was pretty much about herself, relationships, and as she says “girl crushes” etc. Courtney was also explicit that this was a Non-Kurt themed show, so going and excepting to see something with Kurt was not going to happen and I understand that completely, but I do see a lot of influences from their relationship in the work even if it’s not stated or really obvious, it does not have to be.

So here is a video of her talking about her work and also working on her art at the same time, a link to the gallery, some articles, and other videos of her work and awkward interview stuff.

Fred Torres Collaborations: Courtney Love

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