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So about three weeks ago I spilled gesso on my carpet and freaked out, then Libby and my Mom saved me by prescribing the cure of Goo Gone and Carpet Cleaner.

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Also for the past couple weeks I have been making sculptures and books. I do not have any pictures of my recent books yet, I am going to wait until I am finished making the box for my two “Andersen” books and completing the altered book and mini book that goes inside the altered book to take pictures and upload them to the blog.

I have decided on a final display for my Marie Antoinette paintings, also I have some awesome news that I will share probably sometime next week.

Also two weeks ago was the “Under Pressure” printmaking show at the Cummer of which Brianna, Sara, and myself attended to see the great Don Martin’s work (my independent study professor/book arts professor/gives me pep talks and has a mustache) and Ryan Tempro (classmate friend who paints with the impossible knife aka the palette knife). Their work was groovy along with the screen print I got from the UNF demo kids. Also because food is awesome, the food was awesome and I drank that wine faster than my norwegian blood could catch up with and the man that checked my I.D. took forever, I don’t think he believed I was 21.

In addition to art making I have been busy finishing papers, artist re-enactments etc. and its been awfully boring having to work on those projects, but I will soon be able to just sit down scan drawings and make sketches for my new series of paintings I am planning for 2013. Also I have been trying to make an effort to hang out with friends and do fun things, because it seems art tries to take over my life more than it should and that I can handle sometimes, so a little outing is nice once in a while or just plain messing around in the studio and not doing anything art related. I even listened to the Spice Girls CD “Spice” three times over the weekend and had my own personal dance party, along with spending two days with Callie doing random fun stuff. Thanksgiving I spent with my parents brother, Callie, Sofi, and Callie’s parents, it was really nice and now I think I’m just writing a journal entry… I’m going to stop and leave you with the Spice Girls.

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So I finished reading and looking at the book Pop-Surrealism of which I have been waiting forever to spend some quality time with. All three essays within the book are fantastic and describe this movement exactly, and its unfortunate that work like this cannot be seen in the big galleries, although that makes this work more special, yet it cheats these artists out of the recognition they deserve.

Pictures below are of my favorite works in the book.

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Anyway so far in art related events that I have attended this year are in order Harrell Fletcher’s Before and After 1565 of which I felt was interesting. The only point I will make about this exhibit is the fact that the artists are the Native tribes of St.Augustine, not Fletcher, many people think that this is an art form taking others art and researching and presenting, no it’s called curating a show and or being a historian of other artists that cannot represent themselves any longer because they are no longer here. As many of you do not know there were once 500 Nations of Tribes in North and South America that were killed off because of the Europeans. Go rent the Documentary its fantastic. My point to all of this is that the “artifacts” presented in the show were the work of these tribes, this is the art of their culture whether it be the Black Drink or and actual drawing, Fletcher is their representative and nothing more, but does deserve the respect for preserving and presenting their history to us.

Other events I have attended was the opening of Laura Mongiovi’s show at the Plum Gallery in downtown St.Augustine. I was unable to attend the lecture, but I was there before when the show opened at art walk and got to speak with her about her art and other things because obviously I know her in real life and we started talking about classes and personal growth etc etc. But I love how her work is very sensual and womanly, I see vagina’s everywhere and it makes me happy.

Last night I attended the lecture on Botticelli of course because I love his work especially the Birth of Venus! David Gariff was the speaker and I felt sorry for him, the projector slides were messing up the whole time, the old ugly ancient wrinkly women were restless and rude making vile comments the whole time egging me on to turn around and give them dirty looks although I kept my composure, and all over it was boring. I wanted to fall asleep, I was excepting a Simon Schama style presentation kind of like this (although Im not sure if this is Schama speaking it’s not part of the Power of Art Series).

Lets face it, I like being entertained and intrigued by lectures, but all I wanted to do was fall asleep which almost happened, but I prevented myself from becoming a 90-year-old woman who sleeps every 5 minutes like the Queen of England during Prince William’s wedding looking so rude in her easter egg colored skirt-suit and top-hat.

Maybe under different circumstances the lecture would have been more successful.

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