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I have not updated in a long time because of my busy day job which runs from August-Early June, so I barely get time to post because I spend all my extra time making work. Anyway, this past July, my work Threaded Together‘s documentation photos were exhibited in the group show Widening the Cycle, which was curated by Jen Lewis. The show was held at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. Jen did an amazing job putting everything together and although I was unable to attend, I was informed it went very well! The exhibition was about social justice surrounding women’s menstruation and reproductive health, a great theme and just absolutely relevant to what we, as women have been working towards in the U.S. to protect our reproductive rights and to eliminate the stigma around women’s bodies.

You can check out the exhibition website, www.wideningthecycle.com and you can buy the book at: http://www.blurb.com/b/6289744-widening-the-cycle-a-menstrual-cycle-reproductive Both hard copies and soft are avaliable.

Also, I have completely redesigned my website, so go check out how pretty it is now that it’s all in HTML5! www.johannafalzone.com

Finally, below are the three latest paintings I have completed in 2015! It’s a slow process, because even though it’s summer, I am still very busy with other obligations. I am going to be shooting reference photos for my next round of paintings which is an entirely new concept. Think Beauty and think Stereotypes. When the first painting is done that will officially reveal the theme, but I will not give away anymore details (surprises are good). I will also be taking new, I guess you could call them publicity photos. Basically just photos of me trying to look cool to display on my website and social media pages. I have an “updated” look (new glasses) and my current image is about a year old, so I need to update it if I’m updating everything else to look new and awesome! 🙂

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So my website is finally online for all to see the link is: www.johannafalzone.com

Also I have included some photos from the Motel Installation at the Howard Johnson where I installed thread and stitched Maxi Pads and Tampons in the trash can extending onto the toilet to represent the one thing that connects women together. Select images of my book, “Caroline Carver” for the Natural History of the Senses Installation are on here of which is based on the chapter Synesthesia in the subsection about the Muse of which the main woman in this book served as my muse to create the fantastical narrative that does not technically exist, but does.

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Its “Killing” me at how cool this is turning out!!!!

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So I have decided to post songs and videos about my name or people with my name which of course is, Johanna.

History on my name: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johanna

Johanna Went who is a performance artist who started out as a Punk Rock Musician in the late 70’s and is famous for her murmuring, screaming, incomprehensible lyrics, and pouring fake blood over herself during her shows; reminds me of Kat Bjelland, my two favorites are the last videos. This woman is so weird, I love her!




Bob Dylan’s Song: Visons of Johanna (severely mispronounced)

Sweeney Todd: Johanna (severely mispronounced)

Bobby Mackey: Johanna (pronounced correctly oh my sweet baby jesus!)

G-Eazy – Plastic Dreams ft. Johanna Fay (What the hell, am I supposed to take this seriously, what is this, what am I watching, what am I listening too????)

Eddie Grant: Johanna aka Jo-Anna (he does a pretty almost good job at pronouncing my name and this is a fun dancing song! A+)

Think About Life: Johanna (pronounced WRONG!)

Iggy Pop and The Stooges: Johanna (he pronounces my name like my Grandma does, so I slightly approve)

Niclas Wahlgren: Johanna (pronounced correctly, bad song though)

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies: Johanna of the Spirits (mispronounced, nice ska sound though, I appreciate that)

Johanna: Film (2005): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0472832/ beware this trailer has penis and awkward moments with old men, Im confused and now what to see the film, Callie Myatt again we must watch this together with Sofi!

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New completely edited video on my Vimeo called Stingray, it shows filleting and dissecting of a stingray. There are also two other videos I uploaded, one is Curtis’s Test Shoot and the other is of my dog licking yogurt out of the cup.

Click Here To See All Videos


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