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So this shows albums released the year I was born that I love.


R.E.M., Out of Time

Nirvana, Nevermind

Hole, Pretty on the Inside

Pearl Jam, Ten

Morrissey, Kill Uncle

Babes In Toyland, To Mother

Trompe le Monde, Pixies

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Carnival Art, Thrumdrone

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So I have been non-stop painting/bookmaking etc. Screenplays yup, a lot.

Anyway so this first Friday is the Downtown Peepholes, mine will be at Bon Ami Confections, so you better be there to peek inside.

So far I am currently working on two paintings and getting ready to shoot four more photos for the last four paintings that go with my latest collection for BFA. I am also working on books for installation other than the peephole which is finished, just needs to be installed. The two books I am currently constructing are for a group installation and a solo one. The group one is a leather bound book that will feature photos I purchased from an antique shop to recreate the main woman’s story, it goes along with the theme of the Muse of which this woman is. The second book is a literature based installation where I have constructed an altered book out of the Bell Jar and viewers will be able to interact with the book by pulling out poems by Plath and myself. This is the second interactive book I have made, its nice to be able to invite the viewer although I still fear sticky dirty hands touching my art.

Other projects I have been working on are figure painting and screenwriting. This is the first time I have ever written screenplays and its so much fun, I knew when I wasn’t really making the A mark in Video Art that I was a “filmmaker” rather than a “video artist” although I consider the two the same thing, but some people do not… Anyway I had a feeling taking screenwriting would open the right doors for what I wanted to do with film, so I’m glad its working out! I’ve been writing about my cyclops’ so its great to give them a greater purpose than just being still images on a page, there is now a story and dialogue for them which expands their meaning farther creating an even more meaningful narrative for them.

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Here are just a bunch of pictures of paintings I have been working on for the past month.

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Painting, thats what is happening and the ramblings coming out of my mouth like a broken fire hydrant, but that’s nothing new right? Sure. Anyway besides all of that I was looking up artist spaces in L.A. and I fell in love with one, just wish I was a big shot artist who could have such a place, it’s godly and I’m not sharing the link.

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Joan of Arc would be proud,

Apparently me being political over Facebook gets me into trouble, so I guess I can gloat here. I’m going to celebrate with powerful feminist women.

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Note: This was an unpublished post from a couple of weeks ago.

Self explanatory… some of you might be able to handle this and some may not, its all a matter of being open and personal preference.

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So as I was watching this video Kat’s boyfriend Adrian recently put together which is a compilation of images of Kat over the years to Katastrophy Wife’s song Heart On I had a spark of inspiration. Looking at the awesome older pictures of Kat during her Babe’s years has solidified the fact that I want to do alter-ego paintings in 2013 of myself as my alter ego’s. I am excited for some dress up time, just like when I was a kid!!!!

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