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Tomorrow, September 5th is the official opening of the Emerging Artist show at the Plum Art Gallery in St.Augustine, FL. 5-9pm. The show runs from the 5th-27th of Sept. I am so excited to be showing at the gallery, my comparison paintings will be on display and for sale.

If you cannot make it to the gallery, but are interested in purchasing any work please contact the gallery at, 904-825-0069 This is a link to their website, http://www.plumartgallery.com/

You can view all of the comparison paintings on my website in the painting sections for 2013 and 2014.


I will be present at the show, so come by and say Hi!

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I have four new paintings up on my website, they are comparison paintings of myself with Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, and Courtney Love. These paintings go alongside the ones with Debbie Harry and Gwen Stefani. There will be 5 more added next week that I am currently working on.


Also, I have completed a 3.5 year long video art piece that recalls my memory of Kurt Cobain’s death. It’s a long story, but here is the video. If you go onto my vimeo page there is an explanation of the video, which I high recommend reading because it really gives you some insight into what this means to me and what all of the imagery represents.


Finally, I have been updating Underexposed, my blog for emerging artists every couple of weeks. Yesterday I posted about Kurt Cobain as a Visual Artist. It’s great, I’m really proud of it, so check it out!!!


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So I have below a slideshow from the BFA show and HQ images of my paintings from the collection, “In The Garden of Life and Death”.

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Also I am now registered on Nurture Art’s Registry for Artists and Curators which is an artist space and collective based out of Brooklyn, NY. I recommend this to any artist out there, its like submitting to a gallery only a registry of artists. Nurture Art uses this registry to pick artists for exhibitions in their gallery space.

This is a link to my profile, http://nurtureart.org/registry/index.php?option=com_nurturedetails&tab=portfolios&friend=1840&details=3057&art=20418&order=1#1

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My brother Sam, who needs a job in accounting (please hook him up), has always been a good judge of art. As a person who sucks at art he knows more about conceptual BS than I do. Go figure, but thats because my brother is the constant reminder of “don’t think so hard”, as an artist that is what I tend to do, and thats why I have the brother I do. The videos and comments below are what I have gather from his advice.

My brother showed me this Warhol video four years ago, its still my favorite interview with him. (Do not express emotion, make the interviewer feel their questions are meaningless.)

This is the kind of video art my brother advised me to do because my brother is smart and knows how to please conceptual people. Plus Warhol eating a burger is hilarious.

Remember that comedy is your friend, even in the simplest forms.

Be Absurd. (Yes, I have posted this video before)

Make fun of shit, make mockumentaries.

Make “Music” Videos.

Make fun of Conceptual BS.

Or If Your Feeling Extra Awesome, make a full length film.

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So I acquired 60 cent cans of lunch which happen to be Andy Warhol Anniversary Tomato Soup, which is the only reason why I bought the soup, and because I need some cheap meals for the week. Buying these awesome can inspired me after using them, cleaning the inside and re-gluing the pull tops, so they can be re-displayed, and I have this vision of building a wooden shrine box around them, or something to make it my own art work as a shrine to Warhol or something like that, very Marcel Duchamp.

Also I have started a self-portrait painting where I am posing as a young Marie Antoinette (no big hair, sorry). I have explained this idea in my previous post a little more.

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Enjoy this photo I don’t think I ever posted from my trip to Seattle last year.

So for the past couple weeks I have been trying to finish my 2011/2012 art journal, so I can get ready to start the 2012/2013 one. It’s really fun putting these together every year, but rarely do I ever show them to people, so I have posted some poor quality photos of the most recent journal. This past Tuesday during one of the final days of Tropical Storm Debby I managed to get this years new journal and a haircut. I also ordered new stickers for the cover that will accompany my newly re-discovered Obama Celebration of the 2008 election win sticker buried beneath piles of collected magazine scraps. Once I finish the current journal and receive the new stickers in the mail I will reveal the cover of the new 2012/2013 art journal.

One day when I have power and money like a dirty politician I would like to publish these because by then all of the magazine clipped photos/stickers/ads etc. will not prevent me with their copyright laws; although I think because they are altered and scrapped I am covered under the Creative Commons, but I am not entirely sure and do not want to be sued therefore being filthy rich will help settle disputes out of court.

EDIT: Forgot to tell everyone I have an official Facebook page now! And my website I have been promising for like a year now is finished and I will be purchasing a domain, will post the link soon!!! 😀

My Facebook




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