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Painting, thats what is happening and the ramblings coming out of my mouth like a broken fire hydrant, but that’s nothing new right? Sure. Anyway besides all of that I was looking up artist spaces in L.A. and I fell in love with one, just wish I was a big shot artist who could have such a place, it’s godly and I’m not sharing the link.

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Here is a link to the file of my Peephole Installation Proposal.

Click this to view Document —-> DowntownPeepholesProposal

Oh, by the way I have two new paintings in process. muahahhaha!

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My artist statement for the Marie Antoinette paintings and a picture of the paintings all put together at the show!!!!

The collection of paintings “My Name is: Maria Antoine Josepha Johanna” entails more than the beauty of the famed Marie Antoinette, but a humanized approach to relate her life to my own. Royalty, Public Figures, and Celebrities are commonly placed on a pedestal, dehumanizing them. These people feel emotions, make good and bad decisions; bad things happen to them just like they do to everyone. Using this stigma I inserted my own personal connection with Marie Antoinette in order to humanize her. The collection’s purpose is to give Marie Antoinette a voice, through the process I have also found my own. The painted self-portraits evolved from a series of illustrated drawings depicting Marie Antoinette. From these works I began to take on her persona, manifesting myself as her. My painting’s subjects include sarcastic and sorrowful images and titles about faking happiness, murder, stupidity, sexuality, leisure activities, and sadness. People’s assumptions about Marie Antoinette have created negative stereotypes, many of which I have faced. Through the creation of these narratives I am calling attention to this hurtful behavior.


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