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These are the official photos of my paintings.

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To get the out of the way this is a list of critiques and events I have attended etc.


Harrell Fletcher Before and After 1565

Laura Mongiovi Opening at the Plum

David Gariff Bottichelli Lecture

David Gariff Klimt Lecture

Sara Pedigo Opening at the Plum

Britto Talk

Sara Pedigo and Liz Robbins Transliteration Opening and Artist Talk

Art Under Pressure at the Cummer


Gaby Ferguson (Student)

Patrick Moser (Professor)

Here are the images of my Andersen books which was my final for my Indipendant Study for Book Arts. The book is about my Great Grandpa Andrew Anderson’s family and how they came to America from Norway and what cultural influences they had, traditions, and fairytales.

The sculpture was a geometric sculpture project from Sculpture 1. It reminds me of blocks and legos from when I was a kid and used to play with my brother and build cool castles for our toys.

I have renewed my love as being an artist model for Gaby Ferguson and Callie Myatt. Gaby is painting me as a bad bitch, and I posed for Callie in her “Judy The Love Doll” series.


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