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My brother Sam, who needs a job in accounting (please hook him up), has always been a good judge of art. As a person who sucks at art he knows more about conceptual BS than I do. Go figure, but thats because my brother is the constant reminder of “don’t think so hard”, as an artist that is what I tend to do, and thats why I have the brother I do. The videos and comments below are what I have gather from his advice.

My brother showed me this Warhol video four years ago, its still my favorite interview with him. (Do not express emotion, make the interviewer feel their questions are meaningless.)

This is the kind of video art my brother advised me to do because my brother is smart and knows how to please conceptual people. Plus Warhol eating a burger is hilarious.

Remember that comedy is your friend, even in the simplest forms.

Be Absurd. (Yes, I have posted this video before)

Make fun of shit, make mockumentaries.

Make “Music” Videos.

Make fun of Conceptual BS.

Or If Your Feeling Extra Awesome, make a full length film.

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This weeks progress. I am going to start paintings the two 8×10’s this weekend and hopefully get some more drawings and observations done in my journal and get some more progress on my family heritage books. I also drew Marie Antoinette’s children to go in these tiny approx. 2×3 frames.

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