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This observation is an excerpt going in my observation journal.

Everyday when I sit in the student center I see many different people walk by, sit down, interact with friends etc. But what really sticks out to me are the people who are constantly alone, they sit at the couches and quietly work or read their assignments, they are polite to other students, sometimes engage in small conversation with the people around them, but they mainly keep to themselves. I tend to feel sorry for these people because I have no idea if they have friends because I always see them alone. I hope that they do have friends and that I just don’t see them when said people are alone in the student center. I hate knowing that there are lonely people out there, I myself don’t like being completely alone. Being isolated from friendships causes self-esteem problems, trust issues etc. and I don’t want that for myself or other people. I can only hope that these people I think are alone are not really alone.

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