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Last night as I was painting the newest Marie Antoinette I had my awesome friend Gaby critique one of my paintings “They Killed Her and Your Killing Me” as I busily painted the new painting. I had her write down her critique because I was not sure if I would remember everything she was going to say and I needed to post something that would not sound jumbled from my memory.

“I really enjoy the area of displacement/decapitation and the eye contact in the painting makes with the viewer quite strong. I would get rid of the outlines around the hands, chin etc. I think this would make this piece stronger.” -Gaby

I just realized how long her critique looked on paper and how short it is typed out.

This picture below is the beginning of the new painting, and there is a double chin that needs to be painted out because for some reason I decided to give myself one sub-consciously???

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