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Here is what I have done so far one my Self-Portrait as Marie Antoinette painting.

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So I acquired 60 cent cans of lunch which happen to be Andy Warhol Anniversary Tomato Soup, which is the only reason why I bought the soup, and because I need some cheap meals for the week. Buying these awesome can inspired me after using them, cleaning the inside and re-gluing the pull tops, so they can be re-displayed, and I have this vision of building a wooden shrine box around them, or something to make it my own art work as a shrine to Warhol or something like that, very Marcel Duchamp.

Also I have started a self-portrait painting where I am posing as a young Marie Antoinette (no big hair, sorry). I have explained this idea in my previous post a little more.

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Today I went to the Romero Britto talk, and it was pretty good, lots of colorful art. I am familiar with his art, it’s very popular. That’s all I have to say, oh and he’s a good speaker.

I feel I need to talk about my day because I need to and I’m going to do so here in public. So last night I had a vision for a new painting, today I went and bought the perfect canvas and I’m going to take self-portraits of myself to paint on the canvas this weekend. I have decided to tie in the idea of humanizing Marie Antoinette I am going to use my self-portrait and paint myself as her with dead flowers in my hands that I have been drying for over a year in my notebook. The painting is titled “We Fake It Very Well”, and I’m sure from that title you can get an idea on what this painting represents. Its more personal than one would think and I will explain more later when its finished. But I am excited because it’s an oval canvas, and that shape excites me more than cupcakes and pumpkin beer right now!

Anyway more about my day, I had this continuous feeling of sucky in my brain, as in I felt like a loser. It seems that Tues./Thurs. I always feel very down about myself, I know why, but it’s not a topic for discussion on my blog because it’s no ones business. But anyway of course its art related, and art is rewarding, but it’s also an evil black plague because of the opinions and ideas ingrained into us from childhood that we go to hours of therapy to erase, but never really do. Dealing with such thoughts is problematic and every time I look at a Tim Biskup painting I feel content about art again, a little faith is temporarily restored in some minute way. Even Marion Peck’s Tryclops Kittens make me feel a little better, so I guess I’m going to give maybe a little repetitive slide show of art that makes me feel better when I feel like I suck and that the world wants me to fail.




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